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Following questions and answers are all new published by Microsoft Official Exam Center: QUESTION 91You have a Dynamics CRM organization.You have a system view for contacts that is used only by a user named User1.Currently, the system view is listed as the first view for a* of the users.You need to ensure that the view is available to User1 only.Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    Export the view as system, and then reimport the view as personal.B.    Instruct User1 to use Advanced Find.C.    Deactivate the system view.D.    Configure the filter criteria on the system view to include only the records of User1. Answer: AB QUESTION 92For the account entity, you need a form that can be opened by sales users only.You save a copy of the main contact form and you name the copy Sales form.What should you do next? A.    Create a business rule.B.    Add a web resource.C.    Modify the Form Properties.D.    Enable security roles. Answer: C QUESTION 93You add a currency field to a form in Dynamics CRM.You need to provide users who access CRM from their mobile phone with the ability to enter the credit limit by using a slider.What should you do? A.    Open Field Properties and dick Events.B.    Open Field Properties and click Details.C.    Open Field Properties and click Controls.D.    Open Field Properties and dick Business Rules. Answer: D QUESTION 94You create two solutions named A and B in the same Dynamics CRM organization.You add the account entity to both solutions.You need to identify what will occur when you attempt to change the display name of Account to Company in solution A.What should you identify? A.    The display name of Account in solution B will remain unchanged.B.    The next time you use solution B, you will be prompted to choose which display name to use.C.    You will be prevented from renaming Account to Company.D.    The display name of Account in solution B will also change. Answer: A QUESTION 95You need to make a business process flow for a custom entity. What should you do first? A.    Perform a Save As on an existing business process flow.B.    Place the business process flow in the default solution.C.    Add a process that has a reference to the custom entity.D.    Enable the entity for business process flows. Answer: B QUESTION 96A user attempts to import data to Dynamics CRM, but all of the records fail to import because of a business rule that you created.You need to ensure that the user can import the records successfully.What should the user do? A.    Change the scope of the business rule to Entity. Instruct the user to import the data again.B.    Add an action to the business rule to hide the field. Instruct the user to import the data again.C.    Run the import by using the System Administrator accountD.    Change the scope of the business rule to All Forms. Instruct the user to import the data again. Answer: B QUESTION 97You are creating a business rule for the account entity.You are configuring a new condition for the rule to compare the Credit Limit field .The data type for the Credit Limit field is Currency.You need to identify to what you can compare the Credit Limit field .What should you identify? A.    the entity field values or the static values onlyB.    the entity field values, the static values, or the formulasC.    the static values onlyD.    the entity field values only Answer: A QUESTION 98You have an entity that has two activated business process flows named BPF1 and BPFZ.A user starts a process by using BPF1, but then discovers that BPF2 must be used.What should you tell the user? A.    If you switch to BPF2, the stages from BPF2 will be retained .B.    Ownership of the records created in BPF1 will be assigned to the system when you switch to BPF2.C.    If you can access BPF1 and BPF2, you can switch between them at any time.D.    The data entered while using BPF1 will be lost when you switch to BPF2. Answer: C QUESTION 99You need to create a business rule that you can run on a Quick Create form named New Form.What are two possible scopes that you can use to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    All FormsB.    EntityC.    InformationD.    New Form Answer: D QUESTION 100A user is creating a new workflow and accidentally sets the primary entity to Contract instead of Contact.You need to ensure that the primary entity of the workflow is set to Contact.What should you do? A.    Instruct the user to deactivate the workflow, and then instruct a system administrator to change the primary entity.B.    Instruct the user to assign the workflow to a system administrator, and then instruct the administrator to modify the primary entity.C.    Instruct the user to deactivate the workflow, and then to change the primary entity.D.    Instruct the user to delete the workflow, and then to create a new workflow. Answer: A We ensure our new version MB2-712 PDF and VCE dumps are 100% valid for passing exam, because Lead2pass is the top IT certification study training materials vendor. Many candidates have passed exam with the help of Lead2pass's VCE or PDF dumps. Lead2pass will update the study materials timely to make them be consistent with the current exam. Download the free demo on Lead2pass, you can pass the exam easily. 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