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Following questions and answers are all new published by Microsoft Official Exam Center: QUESTION 21You are an accounts receivable manager.You company wants its top 10customers in August to receive a best-selling product at a reduce price.You need to establish a price.Which two actions should you perform to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade for this task? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    Set up the item sales price in the released product table.B.    Set up a Customer group for the 10 customers to be assigned to.C.    Set up a price/discount journal.D.    Set up a Price/Discount group for the 10 customers.Answer: CD QUESTION 22You are the account payable coordinator for your company.You want to apply fee on the items and purchase orders so that your company can track charges levied on services such as freight, transport, postage, and insurance.What are three methods of charges that you can set in Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    automatic set up of charges.B.    set up charge codesC.    manual set up of chargesD.    charges groupE.    price charges Answer: ABD QUESTION 23You are the accounting manager for your company and are responsible for setting up the processing of sales orders.You are asked to add a new product in such a way that allows an entry to add a $65 charge for installation on every sales order.Which three items can you use to perform this configuration in Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade? Each correct answer present a complete solution. A.    a supplementary itemB.    a charges codeC.    an auto chargeD.    a service itemE.    a stocked product Answer: ABC QUESTION 24You are the accounts payable manager for you company.You want to create an invoice but you do not need the approval process.Which method allows you to post as soon as you record the invoice from the vendor? A.    Voucher templateB.    Invoice journalC.    Invoice registerD.    Periodic journal Answer: B QUESTION 25You work for an apparel company.You need to create a new product attribute to track the types of fabric for product.The attribute will be a list of alphabetized values that users select from a drop-down box.Which attribute type should you create? A.    EnumerationB.    TextC.    ReferenceD.    Boolean Answer: B QUESTION 26You need to configure Dynamics AX to support moving items from one site to another by using journals.Which module should you use? A.    Product information managementB.    Transportation managementC.    Warehouse managementD.    Inventory management Answer: D QUESTION 27You have a customer who orders the same products frequently. You need to simplify the creation of sales orders for the customer.What should you use? A.    A direct delivery orderB.    An item listC.    A new itemD.    A blanket order Answer: B QUESTION 28Your company receives a shipment of not-stocked items from your supplier.You need to receive the items into inventory.What should you do? A.    Register the item and create a product receipt.B.    Create a stock movement journal for the item.C.    Register the item and create an item arrival journal.D.    Create a receipts list form the purchase order. Answer: D QUESTION 29You are the accounts receivable manager. You need to match customer invoices to payments that will be recorded by searching invoice lines that meet selected criteria.Which search option should you user? A.    Bridging methodB.    SettlementsC.    Create linesD.    Payment proposal Answer: B QUESTION 30You are the accounts payable manager for your company.You need to set up several trade agreements with the same group of vendors for 12 different item, all of which have different prices.You need to set up these journal lines in the least amount of time possible.Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    Select Copy and revise. This will allow you to select a different product to place on a line.B.    Click on Copy line while multi lines are selected This will copy several lines at a time.C.    Click on Add products. Select the productsyou want to add to the trade agreement, and click OK.D.    Click on Copy line. This will copy the line exactly, and you only need to change the product and price. Answer: AD QUESTION 31You are creating a new product master.Which three steps should you complete on the product master before using the product on sales orders and purchase orders? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    Create product attributes in one or more legal entities.B.    Create product dimension values.C.    Create product variants.D.    Release the products and variants to one or more legal entities.E.    Create product dimension groups. Answer: BDE QUESTION 32You create a new product and a new bill of materials (BOM) for the product. The product is available in three different configurations.Which statement about these configurations is true? A.    The product configurator will create three separate configuration models.B.    The product has different item numbers for each configuration.C.    All three configurations must have the same item number, but each configuration must have a unique configuration number.D.    Each configuration must have a unique item number and the item type must be set to BOM for each new product. Answer: C QUESTION 33A customer is placing an order for an item that is in stock. The customer requires that the order be delivered within two weeks. You need to identify the minimum amount of time required for the order to be delivered to the customer.What should you do from the Sales order form? A.    View the Confirmed receipt date.B.    View the Confirmed delivery date.C.    Click Simulate delivery datesD.    From the purchase order, view the Requested receipt date Answer: C QUESTION 34You plan to create a new warehouse.Which three of the following can be configured for a warehouse? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    Whether location names will include aisle, rack, and shelf an assignment to a specific vendorB.    The default time required to pick items from the warehouseC.    The sort sequence of the inventory locationD.    Aunique order entry deadline Answer: BCD QUESTION 35You are the accounts payable payment clerk for you company.You need to create a payment journal for all vendors that require check payments with transactions that are due through the end of the current week. You create a new payment journal and open the line.What should you do next? A.    Settle transactions.B.    Post and transfer.C.    Create a payment proposal.D.    Generate payments. Answer: A QUESTION 36You are the payroll manager for your company.You are responsible for paying commission to sales personnel. The company has a rule that commission rates are based on number of years of employment with the company.You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade to calculate these amounts.Which three setups must be completed to configure these calculations? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    Pay agreementsB.    Sales groupC.    Calculation parametersD.    Commission calculationE.    Employee Answer: BDE QUESTION 37A customer wants to return an item.You need pick a disposition action where the item is replaced the original item is destroyed, and the customer is credited.Which action should you select? A.    creditB.    replaced and scrapC.    replace and creditD.    scrap Answer: B QUESTION 38You are the purchasing administrator for your company.You need to create a purchasing policy.Which two policy rules should Be selected to manage employee access to specific categories in the procurement category hierarchy and to define rules that control the requisition creation process? Each answer presents part of the solution. A.    Category access policy ruleB.    Replenishment category access policy ruleC.    Requisition purpose ruleD.    Purchase requisition control rule Answer: AD QUESTION 39You work for an apparel company.You are creating a new category hierarchy.How many levels can be added to the category hierarchy? A.    twoB.    tenC.    unlimitedD.    one Answer: C QUESTION 40You are the payroll manager for your company. You are responsible for paying commission to sales personal. One rule for the company is to pay a higher commission rate for new customers.You need to configure Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade to calculate these amounts.What should you set up in Microsoft Dynamics AX to capture the sales from those customers defined as new? A.    Commission postingB.    Commission calculationC.    Customer group for commissionsD.    Sales group Answer: C Pass MB6-892 is not difficult! But you need more practice tests, I spent 1 month prepared for this exam! 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