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Following questions and answers are all new published by Oracle Official Exam Center: QUESTION 315What is pre-requisite to alter a role? A.    You should be granted the DBA role.B.    You should set the OS_ROLES parameter to true.C.    You should be granted the role with the GRANT OPTION.D.    You should have the ALTER ANY ROLE system privilege.Answer: D QUESTION 316Your database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode.You want to enable archiving for the database.Examine the steps: 1. Execute the ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVELOG command.2. Execute SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE.3. Execute STARTUP MOUNT.4. Set the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST parameter to $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/.5. Execute STARTUP NOMOUNT.6. Open the database. Identify the required steps in the correct sequence. A.    4, 2, 5, 1, 6B.    1, 2, 3, 4, 6C.    2, 3, 1, 6D.    2, 5, 1, 6 Answer: C QUESTION 317Identify the access that is initially available to connect to your Database as a Service (DBaaS) environment. A.    Enterprise Manager on port 1158B.    telnet on port 23C.    Cloud Control on port 7799D.    SSH on port 22E.    SSL/TLS on port 443 Answer: D QUESTION 318Which statement is true about profiles? A.    Resource limits specified in a profile assigned to a user are always enabled.B.    A user can exist without any profile.C.    A profile can be assigned only to one user.D.    Password management using profiles is always enabled. Answer: D QUESTION 319Which three statements are true about naming methods? (Choose three.) A.    Local naming supports multiple protocols, but for any one connection, the client and server must use the same protocol.B.    In the Easy Connect method, clients can connect to a database server by using the host name of the database with an optional port and service name.C.    In the Easy Connect method, the listener port and IP address must be provided for the connection to be successful.D.    The local naming method does not support connect-time failover and load-balancing options.E.    The directory naming method supports connect-time failover and load-balancing options. Answer: ABE QUESTION 320Which task is performed by a background process in a database instance? A.    Connecting between a client process and a dispatcherB.    Executing PL/SQL codeC.    Creating dedicated server connectionsD.    Copying online redo log files to offline storage Answer: D QUESTION 321Your database instance is started with a PFILE.   You want to increase the size of the buffer cache. Free memory is available to increase the size of the buffer cache.You execute the command: SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET DB_CACHE_SIZE=1024M; Which is the outcome? A.    Change is applied to the current instance, but does not persist after instance restart.B.    The value is changed only in the PFILE and takes effect at the next instance startup.C.    The value is changed for the current instance and in the PFILE.D.    It fails because the SCOPE clause is missing. Answer: A QUESTION 322Which statement is true redo log files during instance recovery? A.    All redo log entries in the current log are applied to data files until the checkpoint position is reached.B.    All redo log entries in the current and active logs are applied to data files to reconstruct changes made after the most recent checkpoint.C.    All current, active, and inactive redo logs are required to complete instance recovery.D.    All current, online, and archived redo logs are required to complete instance recovery. Answer: B QUESTION 323Examine the command: SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET ENABLE_DDL_LOGGING=TRUE; Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.) A.    All data definition language (DDL) commands ae logged in to the alert log file.B.    All DDL commands are logged in to a text file in Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) home.C.    A subset of executed DDL statements is written into an XML file in ADR home.D.    A subset of executed DDL statements is written to the DDL log in ADR home.E.    All DDL commands are logged in to a trace file in ADR home. Answer: CD QUESTION 324What is the outcome of the SHUTDOWN ABORT command? A.    Pending transactions are committed and the database is closed.B.    Dirty buffers in the buffer cache and unwritten redo are not written to the data files and redo log files respectively.C.    Uncommitted transactions are rolled backD.    Instance recovery must be requested by the DBA at the next startup Answer: B QUESTION 325Which component resides in the System Global Area (SGA) of a database instance only in shared server connections? A.    User Global AreaB.    Programs Global AreaC.    SQL Query Result CacheD.    PL/SQL Function Result Cache Answer: A QUESTION 326Identify three situations in which messages are written to the alert log file. (Choose three.) A.    Rebuilding an index using ALTER INDEX . . . REBUILD fails with an ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # 14, block # 50)"B.    Creating a table returns "ORA-00955: name is already in used by an existing object"C.    Inserting a value into a table returns "ORA-01722: invalid number"D.    Updating a record in a table returns "ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource"E.    Inserting a value into a table returns "ORA-00001: unique constraint (SYS.PK_XXXX) violated"F.    Running a query on a table returns "ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted (file # 4, block # 131)" Answer: ADF QUESTION 327Which three statements are true about Enterprise Manager Database Express? (Choose three.) A.    It can be used to perform database backup operations.B.    It can use the HTTP protocol.C.    The same port number is used for multiple Database Express configurations on the same host.D.    It can use the HTTPS protocol.E.    It is available only when the database is open. Answer: BDE QUESTION 328When does a database checkpoint occur? A.    When there is an online redo log switch.B.    When a user session terminates abnormally.C.    When a server process terminates abnormally.D.    When the SHUTDOWN ABORT command is issued. Answer: A QUESTION 329What action must you take to ensure complete database recovery till the point of failure? A.    Multiplex the control filesB.    Duplex the RMAN backup sets.C.    Multiplex the online redo log files.D.    Configure the database to run in ARCHIVELOG mode. Answer: D QUESTION 330You want to create a table, DAILY_ORDERS, for an OLTP application, where data should be compressed during both direct path INSERT and conventional DML. The table will also be used for queries.Which compression option should be used? A.    ROW STORE COMPRESSB.    COLUMN STORE COMPRESS FOR QUERYC.    COLUMN STORE COMPRESS FOR ARCHIVE LOWD.    ROW STORE COMPRESS ADVANCED Answer: D QUESTION 331An application repeatedly accesses small lookup tables, causing a lot of physical I/O operations.What do you recommend to minimize this? A.    Configure the nonstandard buffer cache with a buffer size greater than the size of the default buffer cache.B.    Increase the size of the shared poolC.    Configure the KEEP buffer cache and alter the tables to use the KEEP cache.D.    Configure the RECYCLE buffer cache and alter the tables to use the RECYCLE cache. Answer: C QUESTION 332Examine the command: SQL> CREATE TABLESPACE test1DATAFILE '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/orc1/test01.dbf' SIZE 5M AUTOEXTEND ON UNIFORM; Which statement is true? A.    The data file, TEST01.DBF, can be auto extended to a maximum size of 5M.B.    The tablespace, TEST1, can contain a maximum of one data file.C.    Allocated and free extents are tracked using bitmaps.D.    Segment free space is tracked in the data dictionary. Answer: C QUESTION 333Your database is open in read/write mode and multiple users are connected to the database instance.You execute the following command: SQL> ALTER SYSTEM ENABLE RESTRICTED SESSION; What would be the effect on current sessions? A.    They are not terminated but may only issue queries.B.    They are not affected.C.    They are terminated immediately.D.    They are terminated after completing the transaction. Answer: B QUESTION 334You want to distribute a set of structured data to your customers who can integrate this data into their existing databases irrespective of the platform.Which method provides the fastest way of achieving this? A.    using the DBVERIFY utilityB.    using direct-path INSERT SQL statementsC.    using SQL*LoaderD.    using RMAN transportable tablespace operation Answer: B QUESTION 335You create a locally managed tablespace ORDERS_TBS with automatic segment management. You then create the table DAILY_ORDS_LST in the ORDERS_TBS tablespace using the command. CREATE TABLE daily_ords_1st(ordno NUMBER, ord_date DATE) PCTFREE 20; How does the PCTFREE storage parameter influence data storage for this table? A.    It allows only 80% of space to be occupied in all data blocks of this table.B.    It minimizes row chaining during row insertion.C.    It minimizes row migration during existing row data updation.D.    It automatically coalesces free space of a data block when it reaches 20% of available space. 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