This page was exported from Exam Dumps Free Download In Lead2pass 100% Real Questions [ ] Export date:Fri Dec 6 15:44:53 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2016-New] GreatExam Latest C_EPMBPC_10 VCE Guarantee 100% Pass C_EPMBPC_10 (121-130) --------------------------------------------------- 2016 June SAP Official New Released C_EPMBPC_10 Q&As in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! GreatExam is one of the leading exam preparation material providers. Its updated C_EPMBPC_10 braindumps in PDF can ensure most candidates pass the exam without too much effort. If you are struggling for the C_EPMBPC_10 exam, it will be a wise choice that get help from GreatExam. Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center: (The full version is in the end of the article!!!) QUESTION 121SAP guidelines recommend that you make what changes directly in SAP BW on BPC-generated objects? A.    Switch case sensitivity off.B.    Change the data lengths of characteristics.C.    Change no objects at all.D.    Switch hierarchies to time dependent. Answer: C QUESTION 122How do you model cost center rollups by profit center when planning is done by cost center? A.    With a profit center property in the cost center dimensionB.    With a user defined dimension for the profit centerC.    With a profit center hierarchy by cost centerD.    With a cost center hierarchy by profit center Answer: D QUESTION 123Which property is optional for account type dimensions? A.    SCALINGB.    ICMATCHC.    RATETYPED.    ACCTYPE Answer: B QUESTION 124What implementation step is required to add a new hierarchy for a dimension member? A.    Insert 'PARENTH2' column after 'PARENTH1' within the dimension member sheet.B.    Insert the hierarchy name into the 'APPROVALORG' web application parameter.C.    Insert the hierarchy name to the 'TOPDOWN' web application parameter.D.    Insert 'PARENTH2' into the dimension property list. Answer: A QUESTION 125What limitations exist for dimension properties in BPC 10.0 for NetWeaver? A.    Properties with more than 60 characters cannot be used for dimension member formulas.B.    No more than 20 properties can be created for a given member.C.    Property size can only be increased, not decreased.D.    Properties cannot be deleted once they are created. Answer: C QUESTION 126What program can you use to validate the consistency of an application set after copying the standard application set? A.    UJA_DATA_CHECKERB.    UJA_COPY_APPSETC.    UJA_APPSET_INFOD.    UJT_CHECK_TABLE_ENTRIES Answer: A QUESTION 127Which application type is optional in BPC for consolidation of investments and currency translation? A.    FinancialB.    OwnershipC.    RateD.    Consolidation Answer: A QUESTION 128Which properties are required to carry out currency translation for legal consolidation?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question. A.    DIMLIST in the account type dimensionB.    FX_DIFFERENCE_ONLY in the category type dimensionC.    RATETYPE in the account type dimensionD.    STORE_GROUP_CUR in the currency type dimensionE.    CURRENCY in the entity type dimension Answer: CE QUESTION 129What currency type dimension is required for consolidation of investment? A.    rptcurrencyB.    groupsC.    inputcurrencyD.    transactioncurrency Answer: B QUESTION 130What object in SAP BW is an equivalent to an Application in SAP BPC for NetWeaver? A.    A real-time InfoCube that contains transactional dataB.    A basic InfoCube that contains transactional dataC.    A DataStore Object that contains transactional dataD.    A MultiProvider that creates a join of different data tables Answer: A There is no doubt that GreatExam is the top IT certificate exam material provider. All the braindumps are the latest and tested by senior SAP lecturers and experts. Get the C_EPMBPC_10 exam braindumps in GreatExam, and there would be no suspense to pass the exam. 2016 SAP C_EPMBPC_10 exam dumps (All 189 Q&As) from GreatExam: [100% Exam Pass Guaranteed!!!] --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2016-06-13 02:16:17 Post date GMT: 2016-06-13 02:16:17 Post modified date: 2016-06-13 02:16:17 Post modified date GMT: 2016-06-13 02:16:17 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from